| What is Lobiloo?

Welcome to Lobiloo: a resource for brides, floral clients and florists alike.

For brides and floral clients click on the browse button below and take the foreign language out of flowers. Pin your favorite flowers (that you can sort by availability, color and/or name) to your Pinterest board and share your flower board with florists.

For florists, Lobiloo improves and streamlines the process of estimating and ordering flowers for life's most important events.

Built on a powerful flower image library with unique finder tools (by season, color, etc.), Lobiloo is an image-based floral design estimate creator, offering cost out functions, wholesale order forms and more to make your job easier, your office more efficient, and the vision clear for both the bride and florist.

We make designing, planning, and budgeting floral arrangements simple. It's creative, fun, and super-efficient for both brides and florists.


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